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COVID Restrictions Collapsing – Resistance Was NOT Futile

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As we head into the March Turning point on the ECM, we have reached the critical point where I have been warning that Schwab and his evil agenda is collapsing. Resistance Was NOT Futile. These morons with their Climate Change Agenda have been shutting down energy everywhere they can long before there are any alternatives. Just look at the details if you put solar panels on your home. Yes, you create excess energy that goes back into a bank to reduce your bill. However, if the grid goes down, you cannot pull that energy back to keep your house running and the solar panels will not work. You need a battery to store the energy on your own site but the storage capacity is minimal. Bottom line, you still need a generator if the power goes down and that needs Gas or fossil fuels. Then replacing all cars with electricity will crash the power grid for we are nowhere near being able to end fossil fuels.


This entire agenda is nonsense and being able to use alternatives is more than a decade away. These people are looking at ideas rather than real science.  Here is Schwab’s video celebrating how great it was to lock down the entire world. This man is highly dangerous to humanity as a whole.