COVID & Isolating the Virus

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QUESTION: Has this virus been isolated? So many say it has not but how can it be engineered if it is not isolated?


ANSWER: It has been identified/isolated. I am not sure why people claim it was not. It was created in a lab, that much I am pretty well convinced. Even in the emails released with Fauci, they said it looked engineered and that was silenced. It could not be engineered without isolation. If it was not “isolated” then how could it have been engineered?

Moreover, I have reported that this was orchestrated and the release was in December 2019. The Gates Foundation first bought a position in BioNTech, maker of vaccines, in September 2019 just 2 months ahead of the announcement of COVID released in Wuhan in December 2019 – perfect timing. The World Economic Forum, I believe, sold all its stock and bonds weeks before the COVID Crash.

COVID-19 has been identified in order to do this. I am not sure why it even makes a difference, for you will never stop these people claiming somehow it is not real. This is simply a tool for tyranny. (see also: Reuters) and then see Cowan)