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COVID HOAX More & More People Are Coming Out Around the World

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COVID Fraud – HCQ uitgewerkt NL 

This is a report from the Netherlands on the COVID HOAX. The report is entitled: “THE BIGGEST THREAT TO THE HUMAN SOCIETY IS THE DISCLAIMER OF HCQ

Peru Streets

There is something seriously wrong. This lockdown has been applied worldwide with far more devastating effects in their world countries. Take Peru for example. More than 40% of households in Peru do not have a refrigerator, according to a 2020 government survey The vast majority of households do not even have the capacity that would allow them to stock up on food for many days. Add to that, Peru’s workforce in the informal/cash sector stands at about 70%, which is one of the highest rates in Latin America. One of the reasons why Bill Gates is doomed with his grand plan, only about 38% of Peruvian adults have a bank account, making digital payments largely impossible.

The Peruvian government did allocate up to 12% of its GDP to help people who lost their jobs and companies that lost income because of the lockdown measures. While the government’s economic package was widely praised, based on sources there as of yesterday, they are only allowed out of their homes for food or a medical emergency. In Peru, police blockaded a highway and launched tear gas into crowds attempting to flee Lima during the lockdown (see Guardian). The government even banned family gatherings (see US News & World Report.)
2020 Covid 19 Crisis
The question becomes: how will politicians respond as there is a rising wealth of evidence that this is nowhere near as serious to warrant what has been done? We really need to know if politicians took bribes to pull this off for the Great Reset, or were they acting out of stupidity because everyone else was locking down. We are preparing a report on this subject. The diverse world economy certainly does not make this a one-solution-for-all fit very well.