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COVID from a reader

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COVID Dollar


You are correct. People are afraid of others. They think they will die!
I have covid now. Positive on monday. Only mild cold symptoms: stuff nose, no taste or smell for 3 days. No fever, no chills, no body aches, no headache, no lung issues. I’m sure i’m nearly over it and can function easily. My taste and smell are almost back 100%. We live in a very different world now. very sad what they have done to people


REPLY: Yes, my neighbors had it and she was pregnant. They were over it and walking the beach as normal. My cousin who was a front-line nurse got it. She too got over it with no issues. Others I have known got it has been the same outcome. The interview I did in Canada when the death toll from COVID was said to be almost 11,000 with more than 10,700 deaths in nursing homes, left the total death toll in Canada to be only 165 people. In Thailand, out of a population of 69 million, the death toll was 53.

This clearly seems to be politically intended to scare people to create political change. It will be interesting to see if a real account of history ever emerges.