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COMMENT: I’ve noticed I slight welcomed change in people’s response to “the virus”. Less and less in my state, are wearing their masks. Ive begun to respond to others (mainly clerks) when they say ” be safe out there” . With ” Nah…not me. I’m taking some risks today” . Most the time I’m meet with some laughs. Once I removed my mask when saying it, and took a deep breath.
The only reason I bring this up. I feel we need to start taking these actions to help others break fears, and anxieties. In a way this seems to have helped in my small corner of the world. We can ALL do something. Even if it appears overwhelming at times.

REPLY: Yes, if someone asks where is my mask, which is not mandatory to wear outside in Florida, I reply yes I’m sure I am risking my life with less than 10,000 dead from COVID alone according to the CDC. But 10,000 out of 328 million I think the odds are in my favor.