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COVID-23 First Announced

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Here we go again – the World Health Organization has requested information from China in regard to a new respiratory illness and clusters of pneumonia in children. Chinese authorities are blaming the lack of COVID-19 regulations/lack of continued government control in the name of public health. The WHO said that the “influenza-like illness” is comparable to the beginning of COVID-19.

Coronavirus Cycle

The WHO first identified COVID-19 in January 2020, after China alerted the agency to the virus on December 31, 2019. Three years later and we are witnessing the same events unfold. Some are now calling this newly identified virus “COVID-23.” The WHO was first alerted on November 21, 2023, and began requesting detailed information from China the following day. It is not currently known if the COVID-23 virus is affiliated with the clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia among children in northern China.

And yet again, the international community is blaming China for a lack of transparency. The “science” community has the exact same questions. Did it spread from animal-to-human interaction? How does this virus spread? Is there a known cure?

USPS Exempt From COVID

This is not looking good people. I reported that places like New York are already implementing the harshest quarantine laws imaginable. Airports have already begun ramping up screenings for international travelers. Europe will prohibit free travel for non-EU citizens in 2025. Best of all the 2024 US Presidential election is one year away, Biden is polling in negative territory, and the globalists and neocons insist on keeping him in office. All of the cards are aligning for the elite to implement the second COVID plan-demic, but this time they will not give up control.