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COVID-19 SCAM – Money is Pouring Out

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COMMENT: I  have a friend that died last week, early Wednesday morning, from ( apparently ) bowel cancer. He was tested for covid19 a few days before his passing and the test came back positive post mortem. His death was than changed from cancer to covid19 also post mortem. I spoke with his son in order to pay my respects. I asked if he was good for money. I was told that with the deceased health insurance the payout was substantial. However since cause of death now was covid19 the payout would be zero. Also the insurance company is now looking to being reimbursed for some part of the medical expenses since covid19 is not covered.

REPLY: This is what is driving up the COVID-19 deaths and as long as they are paid by the government for COVID 100%, why would anyone die of anything else? Insurance companies are also getting a free ride. If it’s COVID, they are not required to pay healthcare bills? Money is pouring out as long as they call it COVID.

If this was anything other than COVID, it is fraud and there are many doctors in prison for the very same exaggeration which is called Medicare Fraud.