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Comment from Sweden

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Hi, yesterday it was reported that the monthly official testing for covid of 2500 randomly selected persons in all of Sweden (totally ca 10 million) showed exactly ZERO covid cases in August. During the peak of the outbreak in April such testing showed merely 0,9% and in May 0,3%. These figures are officially presented to be calculated as statistically safe and sound numbers, thus representing the broad picture of the true situation in the country. Local regional variances or outbreaks may occur, but it will not affect the broad picture statistically.

Additionally, there have been several official testing for anti-bodies of covid randomly within the country’s population. These tests have confirmed that about 1/6 to 1/5 of the population has indeed already anti-bodies of covid, which means in fact that the curiously enough mockered ”herd-immunity” theory works quite well in reality with the spread of this covid virus. This is the natural cycle of all viruses throughout history of mankind, starting long before Bill Gates promoted his investments into vaccines together with WHO, UN, most of the media and the power-grabbing political elite class (while sipping champagne in Davos with some few 007-Specterlike megalomania investors).

Sweden has almost no covid patients in intensive care any more. The intensive care departments for covid are even completely empty in many hospitals. Some main State regional university hospitals start to go back from emergency work mode to normal work mode. Low paid nurses are actually being laid off in significant numbers, after being applauded by the scared public on the balconies and from the windows at 8 pm every day since the middle of March. ”Thank you for the coffee” without being served coffee, as we would say in Sweden with indignation and displeasure.

The total number of deaths in the country this year is very normal, even a bit lower than normal.
The persons who died with (not necessarily because of) covid, including our sparky and strong great-grandmother at 95 rip, had a higher average age of 88 than the average life time in the country being 82 for men and 85 for women.

It must be noted in the light of the above facts, that Sweden never had any Lockdowns nor any mandatory Masks during this virus pandemic (by definition not yet near a real epidemic!).
Restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, hair salons, training facilities and schools etc have been open all the time during the covid scare. The restrictions were really only about crowding of max 50, now 500 but probably increasing further soon, and about the illogical distance learning only in high-schools and universities (exams and tests were funny enough allowed in crowded halls). Seemingly this was just to passify the curious and critical teenagers and young adults from gathering in high schools, universities as well as in and around the soccer stadiums.
Interestingly, we hade many aggressive journalists, especially from Germany and UK, on the Public Health Authority’s press conferences during April-June when Sweden refused Lockdowns and Masks in stark contrast to the US and EU locking down their citizens with police enforcing totalitarian curfews and masks on etc. Now the international media has vanished from these pressers and the aggressive and very insinuating questions about the need of Lockdowns and Masks in Sweden echoes in silience.

The case of Sweden, with 10 million citizens out of 8-9 million living in non-rural areas, has proven that Lockdowns and Mask have been a big scam from the beginning. Covid disappeared during summer without Lockdowns and Mask, as the flu seasonality does every summer. Now it will come to some flu again, maybe covid again because of the World locking down and avoiding herd immunity. But if not covid, so another virus like every year.

Covid in Sweden:
• No more total deaths this year than normal.
• No decrease of the average life time this year.
• Covid herd immunity of 20% with anti-bodies achieved during spring/summer.
• Empty intensive care units.
• No cases in August.
• No Lockdowns.
• No Masks.

Nevertheless, our economy (incl negative GDP growth, blocked imports/exports, broken consumer confidence, paused investments, jobless rates and new Gov debts etc) is also destroyed due to the reckless and coordinated fear-mongering. The lack of Lockdowns and Masks have not been a fact because the elite did not want to enforce such totalitarian restrictions, but they realized at the top rather quickly that Swedes would simply refuse and risk to apply the old ”sacred” tradition of so called ”civil disobedience” in thousands.

Keep up your invaluable and amazing work for the little people and for the virtues of truth, knowledge and freedom!

Kind regards,


too stupid

REPLY: I do not see these billionaire dropouts winning. People like Klaus Schwab have used their influence to lobby politicians to impose, by force, this Utopian Great Reset. This will only lead to civil unrest and blood in the streets. They will claim they are protecting us from ourselves, so we must surrender all of our freedoms for the sake of Democracy. They are seriously deranged people who sit around talking to each other and never with anyone in the real world, for we are the great unwashed and too stupid to understand what they alone can envision.