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Child Hospitalized After Pfizer Vaccine Trial

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The following is a heartbreaking phone call between the parents of a 12-year-old girl who is now on a feeding tube following a Pfizer vaccination trial. Patrick and Stephanie de Garay claim their 12-year-old urged them to enroll her in the experiment. Why a parent would allow their child to be used as a lab rat is beyond logic. They sound fairly calm for the parents of a young girl who is suffering tremendously. The doctor in this phone call also seems unphased.

“She cannot walk, she cannot pee, she cannot go to the bathroom, she has anxiety now,” the girl’s mother stated. “One in a thousand is a lot,” the mother continued, noting that, obviously, no child should experience this reaction. The doctor, Dr. Robert Frenck, said he “feels bad,” but knows that there is nothing he can do. They do not know what caused the adverse reaction. Toward the end of the call, the doctor asked if the parents would like to know whether their daughter received the placebo vaccine, and I think the answer is clear. A study reported that child mortality due to COVID-19 is “extremely rare,” and well under one in a thousand (0.10%).