CDC Confirms the Validity of Natural Immunity

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Finally, the CDC has released a new study that finally acknowledges what numerous independent studies have found over the past year: Natural immunity from prior COVID-19 infection provides stronger protection against the virus than the COVID vaccines. Fauci has been dragging his heels to hide what every doctor knows.  If you get the flu, you do NOT then run out and get a vaccine so you do not get the flu again. That is what our body does – it fights infections and it learns from its past battles.

Click here to read the CDC’s full report.

When the Black Death came during the 14th century, yes it killed up to 50% of the population but that varied from region to region. The survivors developed natural immunity. For Fauci to wait for the 3rd year of COVID, is highly suspicious. He has tried desperately to lash out at anyone who dared to suggest that natural immunity even existed. For that reason, he just seemed to be totally untrustworthy and then he appeared in a video for Klaus Schwab claiming our #1 crisis was inequality to support this Marxist agenda. Fauci, in my opinion, has done everything to make this pandemic as bad as it could possibly be for no medical reason whatsoever.