Bill Gates: You Don’t Have a Choice

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“But you don’t have a choice. People act like you have a choice, you don’t have a choice,” Bill Gates proclaimed three years ago in regards to the mRNA vaccine. Gates, with no medical training, has not abandoned his lofty goal of altering the population through medical tyranny. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation websites discusses the Immunization Agenda 2030, a key piece to the overall agenda.

The Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) discusses the need for continued COVID-19 vaccines, despite numerous governments claiming the virus is no longer a cause for concern. “Moving forward, strong immunization systems will be needed to ensure that people everywhere are protected against COVID-19 and other diseases,” the website states. “Ensuring everyone receives the vaccines they need will provide exceptional return on investment and help keep the world safe from future pandemics.” They say the people have a “fundamental right” to vaccinations, but no right to medical independence.

What can vaccinations do, according to IA2030? They have the ability to completely eliminate poverty while contributing to a strong workforce. Vaccine manufacturing will also contribute to “national industrial infrastructure” in low to middle income economies. The vaccines can even combat climate change! “Immunization protects urban public health and interrupts disease transmission, ensuring sustainable cities and communities,” page 14 of the IA2030 document reads. The magical medicine can also solve gender equality! “Removal of gender-related barriers to vaccination contributes to gender equality, as it supports women’s full participation and equal opportunities for accessing health services.” Climate, gender, sustainability, equality – is there anything these vaccinations cannot do? I guess the biggest downfall of the COVID vaccine, in particular, is that it DOES NOT PREVENT TRANSMISSION OR INFECTION.

Gates stresses the importance of global cooperation by all governments. There will be more vaccines as this program is designed to “accelerate the development of new vaccines,” meaning more experimental jabs will appear on the market without proper testing. There will also be global stakeholders behind these vaccines who will ensure that their investments are secured by pushing the larger Agenda 2030. “You act like you have a choice!” Yes, I do, and I will not risk my life for Gates and his globalist stakeholders who want us to abandon medical autonomy for profit.