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Biden May be Unleashing the Worse Pandemic in History

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Biden Immigration

This was the second year our World Economic Conference was unable to bring in our staff from China, SE Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Our staff had to appear by video while the Biden Administration allows unlimited UNVACCINATED people from south of the Border free access, gives them money, and secretly flies them into Republican states. One such person murdered a local Floridian which brought his scheme to the surface. Not only are these people not vaccinated against this fake pandemic, but the most serious diseases from Polio to Smallpox also devastated South America.

Smallpox is by far among the most devastating illnesses ever suffered by humans. It dramatically altered the course of human history, and as our model has revealed, it even contributed to the decline of civilizations. Indeed, Smallpox is believed to have first originated in India or Egypt at least 3,000 years ago based upon recorded events. The earliest evidence for the disease comes from the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses V, who died in 1157BC. Interestingly, after examining his mummified body, the classic pockmarks on his skin were discovered. As world trade began with the Minoans and the Phoenicians, this is how the disease later spread along trade routes. Thus, it was carried to Asia, Africa, and Europe eventually it made its way to the Americas during the 1500s. We were all taught in school that Europeans brought many diseases to the indigenous peoples and in return, they gave Europeans syphilis. The native Americans had no natural immunity to many diseases and smallpox was one of them.

Aztec Chief

It has been estimated that 90% of indigenous casualties during European colonization were caused by disease rather than military conquest. It was actually smallpox that wiped out the Aztec Empire, in 1519. This was how the Spanish conquered the Americas more by disease than battles and some three million Aztec succumbed to the disease. The most fearsome opponent, the Aztecs, was easily defeated when they were first wiped out with smallpox. Indeed, smallpox even took the life of an Inca emperor and wiped out much of the Inca population as well located in the western region of  South America.

There were three waves of disease. The first was known as the great Mexico smallpox epidemic that killed up to 8 million or 23% to 37% of the population between 1519 to 1520. This was followed by the Cocoliztli epidemic of 1545–1548, which killed up to 15 million between 27% and 80% of the Mexican population at that time. Cocoliztli is an Aztec name given to a mysterious illness marked by high fevers and bleeding. It is believed to be perhaps a bacterial genomic that have suggested a form of Salmonella. A third wave hit Mexico once more with this Cocoliztli epidemic in 1576 which lasted into 1580. It is believed to have killed about 50% of the Mexican population at that time.

Smallpox Vaccine r

In Europe, smallpox is estimated to have claimed 60 million lives in the 18th century alone. In the 20th century, it killed some 300 million people globally. As much as smallpox wiped out unsuspecting communities, this was really the first vaccine that truly exterminated the disease BECAUSE it only existed in humans. It was actually Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790) who came up with the most impressive weapon against smallpox – a vaccine inoculation after he lost his son in 1736. Indeed, smallpox was sweeping across the Americas when the American Revolution began. It too contributed to the outcome of the American Revolution.

There were mass vaccinations around the world starting in the 1950s and thereafter infection rates plummeted. The last natural case occurred in 1977, with smallpox declared completely eradicated from the globe by 1979. While vaccines defeated smallpox. Antibiotics conquered scarlet fever. Officially the deadly smallpox virus was claimed to no longer exist. The final outbreak in the United States took place in 1949. This was one of the greatest triumphs of modern medicine only because it existed exclusively in humans. Yet nature is resilient. If we defeat a virus, it will mutate. Monkeypox, which is very similar to smallpox, is a disease found in central and western Africa. Its reservoir is believed to be primarily in rodents from which, like the Black Plague, has made that jump to mammals including monkeys and humans. This is what viruses will do – it’s a cycle some call evolution.

Pox Americana

Despite these successes, some diseases appear to be making a comeback. Outbreaks of measles and mumps have made more than a few headlines of late. Elizabeth Fenn, whose book “Pox Americana” documented that Americans are as susceptible today to smallpox as Native Americans were when European settlers arrived. “Today, we’re all Indians,” she said. “Smallpox is a disease with long legs.” Her research into the spread of smallpox during the American Revolution put a whole new twist upon how the war unfolded and how it was won. During the terrible winter at Valley Forge, General Washington had to decide if and when to attempt the risky vaccination of his troops and create a vaccine.

TIME Person of the Year Biden

The mass migration from South America that the Biden Administration is encouraging may result in the real pandemic with mutation of viruses that have been local. As Fenn explained in her book, it was the Revolution that moved people around and this led to the epidemic of smallpox spreading throughout the colonies. The risk of allowing all of these immigrants into the United States without any medical checks could end up being the most Diabolical act of the Biden Administration.

This needs to be stopped ASAP!