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Atrazine – “Turning the Frogs Gay?”

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Another conspiracy theory debunked. Alex Jones warned us long ago the government “was making the frogs gay,” and he was correct, but his delivery did not go over well. Robert F. Kennedy brought up atrazine while on the Joe Rogan podcast and explained the very serious matter. Atrazine is a legal herbicide used to kill weeds in the US. Farmers in the US are also permitted to use Atrazine to repel pests. This chemical has been linked to leukemia, lymphoma, and numerous cancers. It is banned throughout the world, but America permits its usage and insists it is safe. Atrazine has become the most commonly found chemical in US drinking water.

“Turning the frogs gay,” seemed to be a comical outlandish line that could not possibly be true. Well, researchers placed a group of frogs in water with a level of atrazine that would be considered safe for humans in America. “Atrazine is a potent endocrine disruptor that both chemically castrates and feminizes male amphibians. It depletes androgens in adult frogs and reduces androgen-dependent growth of the larynx in developing male larvae,” PubMed Central published in 2006. They placed 40 male frogs in a tank, and 30 of those frogs were chemically castrated by the atrazine. Four of those frogs actually turned into females and produced fertile eggs. Yet, that level is said to be non-toxic to humans and wildlife.

Atrazine has spread to our drinking water in countless areas across the nation. In 2018, an environmental group estimated that up to 30 million Americans were drinking water laced with atrazine. Ten million of which are in Texas, which the group confirmed by studying nearly 500 water utility systems. Yet, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) insists that atrazine is safe and the government refuses to ban the harmful chemical. What will this dangerous chemical do to developing children? Could this be causing higher levels of cancer among the population? This is yet another chemical banned worldwide that the US government allows its citizens to consume without their knowledge.