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Anti-Vax War

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Anti Vax

COMMENT: You are just a right-wing anti-vaxer.


REPLY: I am glad you believe everything every politician ever has to say if they are on the LEFT. The FDA was supposed to be independent. The government’s role under this social contract is supposed to stand between us and corporate greed. The government has used COVID for political objectives and this is not restricted to the United States – it is excessive in Europe. On the one hand, you on the LEFT hate capitalism and despise the rich and big corporations. But somehow you support big corporations simply because your left-wing politician orders you to be vaccinated.

I neither trust Big Pharmaceutical companies nor do I ever trust what a politician says and that goes to both parties. I think you have some serious issues of bias that will lead you down a very dangerous path. Because politicians are deeply involved in this whole COVID nonsense, they cannot be trusted because a politician will NEVER admit a mistake. These vaccines could kill off 50% of the population long-term and they will NEVER admit that. They are NOT impartial and will not stand between them and us. That is not an arrangement that gets my trust.

In finance, we MUST reveal all conflicts of interest. In politics, they hide everything! And you want to risk your life, your family, and your posterity to such a system? I have no idea if there are long-term risks. Nobody does. I for one am not interested in taking such a risk and I should not be compelled to do so. There have been nearly 2,000 people who have died following vaccinations. Then those who have been vaccinated may be even more susceptible to the variants as they come. So if you want to gamble with your life simply because you hate Trump/Republicans, go right ahead. If it were Trump telling us to do this I still would not comply. And by the way, if you think wearing a shield and a mask will do anything, think again. This virus will mutate for several years to come. I suggest you dig a pit and stay inside until at least 2024.