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Anti-Vaccine Health Workers Lose Jobs?

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The tyranny is getting really bad. In Australia, anyone in the health profession who takes an anti-vaccine position will be punished and most likely will lose their job. Moderna is calling their vaccine acts like software on a computer. The entire problem I have with this is they are granted IMMUNITY which means they also do not need to be diligent about what they are doing. They have been demanding the same immunity from all countries or they get no vaccine.



Sorry, but if they insist on no liability, then why should I trust them? I went to the Dentist yesterday and they take the temperature etc, but also say this is all political and nobody in the office will take the vaccine either. If it is safe for everyone, then there is no need for immunity. The problem is that some people are seriously impacted and some die. The Dentist assistant told me her father died within a week of getting the vaccine and he was 82.



There should be studies that this vaccine is lethal if you have certain DNA makeup or you have some precondition. But they will NOT carry out those studies because this is all political and they do not want to even acknowledge that some people may die. But even Bill Gates admitted that vaccinating the entire world would cost 700,000 lives as collateral damage from vaccines, but he was perfectly fine with that. We lost 282,000 US & allies in the Vietnam war.

Restore LIABILITY and ONLY then can we really begin to trust what these people are pumping out for Bill Gates’ body language does not invoke confidence!