Absolute Cure For Covid – Amazing New Discovery

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Quarantine has historically been used to segregate those who are sick. Tyranny is when the entire population is restricted from movement without permission, as was the case under the Stasi. Propaganda is when the media becomes the tool of those in power to promote tyranny under the pretense of quarantine for your health benefit.

The ONLY way to defeat COVID 100% is to quarantine those using it to promote tyranny. Then you will see COVID be magically transformed into the annual flu where you have the right to accept or deny the vaccine to Bill Gates’ dismay. Of course, poking a hole in the raft is discretionary.

Meanwhile, COVID has virtually cured the seasonal flu. Cases of the flu have dropped 95% to the lowest in 130 years thanks to COVID! If we now isolate and quarantine all politicians for life, that will surely then cure COVID for good!