2-Year Old Dies in COVID Vaccine Experiment

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I am sorry, but I do not believe in immunity for Gates and his vaccine companies. A 2-year-old baby dies after being vaccinated for COVID. The parents should be sterilized for they have shown themselves incompetent to even have children. This is where a non-career politician is so vital to our future. People like Fauci belong in prison for life. This onslaught of calling the COVID issue in India like a war, Fauci has so much blood on his hands it is a disgrace. It is like a war and he is a collaborator for the enemy.

Nobody in this administration or any government in Europe, Canada, or Britain, would dare say a word in defense of We the People. I truly hope 2022 throws out all of these corrupt politicians. Enough is enough! The future of humanity is at stake and you do not experiment on children. CNN claims that a parent does not know the sex of their child at birth. Then parents should not allow their children to participate in any such vaccine experiment for they also do not know the risks or if that child would really consent if they knew the facts.

The UK government study claims that 60-70% of those who have been vaccinated will be at a greater risk of being hospitalized by variants. This may explain the outrage in India. It is a war but against the government and these experimental drugs. There are people involved in various studies that suggest similar results that those who have been vaccinated may have a far more serious impact on the variants that are emerging. This is one giant experiment and they are completely immune from even criminal prosecution.

Nearly 10,000 people have tested positive for COVID after being vaccinated and 132 have died from COVID.