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104 US College Have Not Repealed COVID Vaccine Mandate

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“No College Mandates” is a group of parents, doctors, nurses, professors, and students who are working to end COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Many believe that mandates have ended, especially after the overwhelming evidence of the inefficiency of the vaccine. Yet, 104 colleges in the US continue to demand that students provide proof of vaccination to attend.

Some of these colleges have even exempted faculty from receiving the jab. Rules for thee, not for me! Teens are willing to take the jab because they want to go to their desired college. Many are forced to go to in-state schools for financial reasons and their options may be limited. For example, Rutgers University in New Jersey has a Student Immunization Portal where everyone is required to upload their vaccination records. Those who fail to do so are listed as “non-compliant” and cannot attend in-person classes.

There are few exemptions available. One student of Earlham School of Religion had her religious exemption revoked – that’s right, a religious school denied her religious exemption. When they reimplemented the exemption, she faced “increased animosity among classmates and alumni,” and said that two students yelled and spit on her and her mother. Remember, the mass media and politicians told us it was “a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” as Joe says in the video above. This poor girl did not feel safe enough to attend her own graduation, and the school removed her alumni email. She is now suing the school.

College continually seems less appealing. Students go into non-dischargeable debt that they carry for most of their lives. Then they cannot find jobs in their field of study. And now, they must choose between college or possible death from the experimental vaccine.