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Poking the Panda

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China Taiwan Map

Japan has made the very same mistake just the following orders from Washington about seizing Russian assets. The Japanese government is freezing the assets of 17 more Russian politicians tycoons, and their relatives to step up sanctions and pressure Moscow to end its invasion of Ukraine. Russia froze, in turn, a list of US politicians which interestingly included Hillary Clinton because she was behind the whole 2000 attempt to blackmail Yeltsin which the American Press will never report no less investigate

Meanwhile, things are heating now around Taiwan as the US has for the first time in several years, sent an American aircraft carrier just outside China’s maritime waters demonstrating its’s read to launch World War III. China’s military leadership has put the country’s Armed Forces on alert for 12 days while they have now ordered the largest airborne and amphibious landing exercise in their military history.

Dollar into Yuan


China is moving rapidly to circumvent not just the SWIFT clearing system, but also to establish the Yuan as the next coming leading currency. The Euro has failed and China is negotiating even the purchase of oil from Saudi Arabia denominated in Yuan. The arrogance of the Neocons in really running the country has become well known outside the USA. They think they really can defeat both China and Russia and then Build Back Better with w new Bretton Woods. All I can say is they are seriously wrong and they will only create World War III, they will lose, and the financial capital of the world will shift to China. That has been the forecast of our computer for decades now and instead of listening, they try to defeat it.

China 1989 2040

The Chinese economy will peak in 2036 but the West in 2032. We are in the last three waves and 2023 does not look good around the world.