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Democrats Destroying the United States – Here Comes the Recession

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The stats are in, revealing that Biden has flooded the nation with over 6.4 million illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S., bringing the total to now 13.7 million that the government must support. They are bankrupting cities, raising crime like never before since countries are emptying their prisons and shipping them to Bidenville. The number of recorded immigrants flowing through the border is about 172,000 per month, and that does not count those whom Biden has been secretly flying in to hide the actual NUMBER.


The true crisis is that the Democrats are allowing these people in to change the politics of this country because their policies have been unpopular and are as destructive as Communism once was to China and Russia. These new arrivals are less educated and lack skills other than raw manual labor. In 2018, 55% of immigrants had a bachelor’s degree. You will not find that among the flood of illegals today. Today, nearly 50% lack any high school training. Aside from their lack of English skills, they are certainly not competent for the new age of computers.  The scuttlebutt in Marxville (Washington, DC) is that the majority of these illegal immigrants are male – approaching 55%. They will be offered citizenship if they join the military to build up in preparation for World War III.


As if this was not bad enough, Biden actually did declare World War III on Twitter dated March 26, 2022, stating that this was the start of the war to defeat Russia; he formally stated that this would be the “great battle for freedom” that was supposed to be between “democracy and autocracy” and “liberty and repression.” The problem is we live in an autocracy ourselves. We have no democratic right to decide if we are to go into World War III. The NEOCONS are in control of their hand puppet, and they decide they want to wage war against Russia. We, the people, are NEVER asked. We are to sacrifice our future and that of our children for the hatred the NEOCONS have against the Russian people. There is NOBODY interested in peace whatsoever.

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On top of that, because Biden is not even in the White House 40% of the time, all these agencies are doing their own thing without any coordination. The NEOCONS control the State Department, and they threaten China with war over Taiwan. Meanwhile, Janet Yellen, on behalf of the Treasury, flies to China, begging them to buy US debt as the NEOCONS threaten war against them.

ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

Based on our Economic Confidence Model, the US economy will now go through an economic decline, projected to peak on May 7th. We should enter a 4-year decline into the summer of 2028, unleashing a recession but with higher inflation thanks to continued shortages. Now, consumers and businesses can expect more supply-chain problems thanks to this bridge collapse that will accelerate shortages impacting farmers. Indeed, one of the conspiracy theories concerning the bridge collapse has been that the Climate Change Zealots rigged the bridge to collapse, knowing that this would cut off the majority of fertilizer for farmers. This certainly helps their cause, for this is planting season, and cutting off the fertilizer supply at this critical moment may reduce the food supply this year.

WHCBT M Tech 3 29 24

Add the problem of this massive wave of illegal migrants that offer nothing to expand the economy but instead are here for everything free. A reduction in the food supply at this critical juncture may prove to be devasting when you have expanded the population with illegals approaching 14 million. Even looking at Wheat, our computer is projecting a low here in March/April, and prices appear to be rising on the horizon. Throw in war, and commodities tend to rise faster. To put this immigration crisis in perspective, they now outnumber the population of EVERY state except four and pay no taxes!

State ………… Population
California…… 38,889,770
Texas………… 30,976,754
Florida……… 22,975,931
New York….. 19,469,232

While cargo such as autos and coal will be rerouted to other ports, hazardous materials, including fuel, are prohibited from traveling through tunnels. That is why this bridge has been so vital. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warned of delays and backlogs. This will contribute to the continued inflation we see, which will surpass economic growth. There will also be a massive loss of tens of thousands of port-related jobs. Part of the US Naval fleet is also not trapped.

The Democrats have clearly undermined the economy by refusing to close the border. Worse still, immigrants in Chicago have refused vaccinations of any kind, and the Feds say nothing while Americans lose their jobs for refusing to take COVID-19 vaccines. The combination of these events clearly undermines the economy, and civil unrest will rise as we enter a recession. The 2024 election will simply not be accepted by either side, and the hatred created politically undermines the viability of the United States to survive beyond 2032 as a single nation.