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China v USA

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China US Trade War

The new report on the origins of COVID will point the finger at a lab leak in Wuhan. China is getting its back up and warning this will only lead to racism in the United States. I fully agree with China, but I ADVISE that they investigate further. There was most likely a lab leak, but based on all the information I have, it was known at least from November 2019. I still maintain that this was no accident, and if we follow the money, we will see the real source and who was behind framing China.

If China actually deliberately released this on their own to disrupt the economy of the West, they certainly would have done so in North Carolina or Germany and then blamed them. You would not release it in your own country. Then there is no way China would have expected the West to completely quarantine the entire nation. You quarantine only the sick. Locking down the nation is tyranny. That has never been done in 6,000 years – not even the Communists did that.

Wuhan Lab

This entire affair is becoming absurd trying to blame countries. It appears that this entire COVID was crafted to create international discord in hopes of forcing China and Russia to surrender their sovereignty to the Great Rest and the United Nations. Something just does not smell right here.

This is like trying to discredit a witness by asking him when was the last time he beat his wife. The topic is then all about such an event, which he will deny. If he tries to call his wife to testify he never touched her, the prosecutor will simply say, “Of course, she will say he never touched her for fear he will beat her again.” It is a no-win scenario. This is what they have done to China, and the only way out is not to claim racism or prejudice but to investigate your accusor. This was NOT the US government, but private sources that are benefiting from this entire COVID scam.

On December 30, Li Wenliang, a doctor outside of the Wuhan lab, died of COVID after treating people there who had contracted it from a local seafood market. CNN immediately painted him as being silenced and then claimed that COVID would have been under control had he not been silenced.

In a letter to the journal of Science, David Relman, a microbiologist at Stanford University, wrote, “This has nothing to do with fault or guilt.” Indeed, this May 2021 letter in the journal Science, signed by 18 scientists, called for a transparent investigation into all viable scenarios, which included the lab leak theory. The letter urged labs and health agencies to open their records to the public. “It’s just bigger than anyone [sic] scientist or institute or any one country — anybody anywhere who has data of this sort needs to put it out there,” Dr. Relman stated.

The World Health Organization, funded in large part by Bill Gates, immediately exonerated the lab. A US intelligence report identified three researchers at a Wuhan lab who sought treatment at a hospital after falling ill in November 2019. The Gates Foundation first bought a position in BioNTech, maker of vaccines, in September 2019. This was just two months ahead of the announcement that COVID was released in Wuhan in December 2019.



Our computer began picking up unusual movements in capital flow in August 2019. That unfolded as the Repo Crisis, where suddenly US banks were unwilling to lend to European banks overnight, forcing the Federal Reserve to step in and become a market-maker. I stood up at our World Economic Conference in 2019 to announce something strange was unfolding in the capital flows that began in August. Indeed, the market peaked on time, the crash was more akin to the Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) Crisis, and 2020 ended up producing a low from which we have swung back up to new highs, as was the case coming out of the LTCM Crisis.



Something is seriously wrong, and this is what our computer has been picking up. Fauci’s hidden emails, which the Biden Administration refuses to release, stated plainly that from the outset that this virus appears to have been “engineered,” which leaves simply two conclusions:

  1. Was it taken to the Wuhan lab and deliberately released?
  2. Was it taken to Wuhan and deliberately released so they would create a conflict between the West & China?

Gates Schwab

I do not believe this was pulled off by the US military, nor do I think this was deliberately leaked by China. Had this been a scheme of China, they would have leaked it to the USA, Britain, or Germany and blamed them. There is a PRIVATE organization behind this scam, and until we stop pointing fingers at governments, we will NEVER find the truth. It always comes down, even in a murder mystery or who-done-it film, to who had the motive.