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China Becomes #1 Place for Direct Foreign Investment

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China US Trade War

Because the West has decided to commit suicide economically to push this Great Reset and destroy the economy to BUILD BACK BETTER, they are fulfilling precisely what our model has been forecasting – that China will become the Financial Capital of the World post-2032. China has surpassed the United States for the first time as the #1 place for direct foreign investment. We warned last week that our capital flow models were picking up capital pouring out of Europe to China much of it investing in their bonds paying 3% compared to negative yields.

Biden Executive Orders

The actions taken by Biden in the first three days seems to be just intent on reversing whatever Trump had done from stopping the pipeline to ordering the end of construction of the wall as hundreds of thousands are now headed to the USA with rumors that Biden will grant citizenship to all illegal aliens inside the USA. They are headed to California in herds of mass migration. Never before in history has any president so drastically altered the direction of the country so unilaterally without any serious consideration for what the consequences will be long-term.

German Assets

Biden fails to realize that there is a worldwide economy out there. The United States is not unlimited in its power. He has indeed shown that what our computer has been forecasting for years will indeed be absolutely correct. He fails to understand that China is strategically building its own consumer-based economy thereby severing the reliance upon the United States to sell its products. Germany never departed from its mercantile economic model. German citizens pay high taxes and as such, they are near the bottom of the European ladder for wealth. China is well aware that what made the USA great was its consumer-based economy. Germany never figured that out and relied always upon selling to everyone else.

China on the Rise

China on the Rise Report where we laid out that it would surpass the United States as the financial capital of the world was published in 2018. We will be doing an update soon, but all the forecasts are on track and the West in committing economic suicide is merely accelerating the trend.