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Are We Facing a Biological War?

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This is the Chinese response to the finger-pointing at China being responsible for the leak of COVID-19. What it brings up can be verified in some aspects. It is just their reply which is political from their perspective. Nonetheless, I continue to believe that all the sources I had were too coincidental that this was neither released by China nor the US Military, but it was deliberately leaked and people strategically positioned themselves just weeks ahead. Bill Gates took a position in BioNTech in September 2019 just 2 months before the release of COVID in China. He backed CVAC which launched in 2020.

Gates Zuckerberg

The SEC went after Elon Musk for just saying he might go private. Gates insists ONLY vaccines will stop COVID and he has aligned with BigTech as Facebook works with the CDC etc and YouTube cancels anyone who offers an alternative to Gates’ Vaccines. The SEC will not do anything to Gates.



Then Klaus Schwab was telling some people a virus was coming based upon information and belief from reliable sources. He also publicly admits he is also working with Gates. I still believe this was all set in motion to creat the opportunity for the Great Reset and both the US and China have been manipulated into a confrontation that may not end well for humanity.

Of course, there are others who believe we are headed into a biological war rather than nuclear. Still, others believe that China was deliberately chosen to leak COVID in order to (1) force them to comply with the Great Reset, or (2) create World War III to destroy the infrastructure some hate as the Industrial Revolution and to thin the herd to enable their BUILD-BACK-BETTER agenda much like that which followed World War II. They maintain there is no gain without pain.