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Florida Takes Action at Last Against Social Media

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I hear the whispers – Ron DeSantis for President. Indeed, he seems to be the ONLY politician who understands the gravity of what is taking place in America. He now signed legislation that allows Florida to impose fines on social media platforms that ban users with ever-changing guidelines and clear outrageous bias. The bill (SB 7072) exposes the absurdity of how they “de-platform the president of the United States but you let Ayatollah Khamenei (Iran’s supreme leader) talk about killing Jews, that is wrong.” The left will never point out how they singled out Trump but left hateful speech from other nations untouched.

The bill demands that social media companies must publish standards with detailed definitions of when someone would be censored or blocked. It further makes Twitter, Facebook, and other online companies subject to as much as $250,000 daily fines for de-platforming a Florida candidate. Personally, I would have made any such decision that cannot be justified as criminal.

Additionally, the bill requires a site to notify users within 7 days that they could be censored, giving them time to correct a posting. The bill passed on virtual party lines which just goes to show that the Democrats want social media to ban all those who oppose them. They cannot see that they are deeply dividing the nation and under these circumstances, people are not simply going to be subordinate to their demands.

Capitol Destroyed

I will be selfish – I prefer DeSantis to stay here in Florida. In Washington, the SWAMP will devour him as it did to Trump The only thing that will EVER reform Washington seems to be (1) a revolution of (2) a nuclear bomb. Washington is just too far gone at this stage for us to even hope in vain that we can elect ANYONE who would actually change anything. The bureaucracy is now in full control and they are NOT about to let anyone change the system of power in Washington, DC.

Gibbon 5

The corruption is too pervasive and it reminds me of the epitaph on Rome by Edward Gibbon. After all, it was his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that influenced the Founding Fathers wrongly into thinking that a Republic was better than a Monarchy.

“Her primeval state, such as she -might–appear in a remote age, when Evander entertained the stranger of Troy, has been delineated by the fancy of Virgil. This Tarpeian rock was then a savage and solitary thicket; in the time of the poet, it was crowned with the golden roofs of a temple, the temple is overthrown, the gold has been pillaged, the wheel of Fortune has accomplished her revolution, and the sacred ground is again disfigured with thorns and brambles. The hill of the Capitol, on which we sit, was formerly the head of the Roman Empire, the citadel of the earth, the terror of kings; illustrated by the footsteps of so many triumphs, enriched with the spoils and tributes of so many nations. This spectacle of the world, how is it fallen! how changed! how defaced! The path of victory is obliterated by vines, and the benches of the senators are concealed by a dunghill. Cast your eyes on the Palatine hill, and seek among the shapeless and enormous fragments the marble theatre, the obelisks, the colossal statues, the porticos of Nero’s palace: survey the other hills of the city, the vacant space is interrupted only by ruins and gardens. The forum of the Roman people where they assembled to enact their laws and elect their magistrates, is now enclosed for the cultivation of pot-herbs, or thrown open for the reception of swine and buffaloes. The public and private edifices that were founded for eternity lie prostrate, naked, and broken, like the limbs of a mighty giant, and the ruin is the more visible from the stupendous relics that have survived the injuries of time and fortune.”