Will Trudeau Fall?

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QUESTION: Marty, you said Socrates projected that 2022 would be a Panic Cycle in politics. You also said that would be global and impact Canada as well. If I am not mistaken, I think 2022 was the 3 wave of your ECM in Canada. You were the first to say that COVID was organized and you were the first to point to this as a plot from the WEF and Schwab. Do you think this bold initiative of Schwab will collapse sooner rather than later?

ANSWER: Yes, 2022 was not only our Panic Cycle in politics, but in Canada, it was the culmination of the 3rd wave from the Confederation of Canada in 1867. The politics began to change in 2018 but Trudeau was taking orders from Schwab as has been in the case in Australia. I have actually shaken hands with Schwab. I doubt many people talking about him understand the real nature of his agenda. Listen to this video. Here you have the head of Australia imposing harsh lockdowns to destroy the economy on the orders of Schwab to impose his “stakeholder” economics by sheer force, climate change, and the end of mining. These elected people do NOT represent the people. NOBODY has run on this agenda. They lie to get into office and then take their orders from the World Economic Forum. All the countries that have oppressed their people the worst are directed by Schwab!

For those unfamiliar with Canadian history, there was an outright secessionist movement in Canada’s English-speaking area that emerged in Nova Scotia shortly after the Confederation’s response in 1867 to form Canada to economic grievances. Following the Confederation of three British colonies (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada) to form the Dominion of Canada in 1867, opponents of the Confederation emerged in Nova Scotia and began promoting the withdrawal of that province from the new Confederation. The AntiConfederation Party won 18 of the 19 Nova Scotia seats in the new House of Commons of Canada in the 1867 general election and 36 of the 38 seats in the Nova Scotia legislature.

Still, the move to separate failed in achieving independence for Nova Scotia. Even as late as 1990, just before the Meech Lake Accord’s failure, then-premier John Buchanan predicted Nova Scotia and the rest of Atlantic Canada would have to join the United States if the accord failed. Ironically, following the American Revolution, those who were pro-England fled to Nova Scotia.

What Schwab has done is try desperately to force his economic theories upon the world. He is taking deliberate action much more directly than Karl Marx, Schwab wants to end corporate governance and to usurp all corporations in the world to act as subdivisions of a communistic type of government with central planning.

I have warned that his idea was floated in 1932 that corporations should engage in socialism and not be concerned about their shareholders. At least when this was first proposed in 1932, there were no social programs. That was made obsolete when Roosevelt came to power with Socialism.


What people must understand is that the scheme is already in play to direct pension funds to pour money into losing projects to try to further Schwab’s Agenda 2030. Australian pension funds are to shift money to help a collapsing Europe and ignore their own people. Of course, they put a different spin on it, but there is no reason to invest in Europe when it is in serious trouble. Joseph Dear, CIO at CalPERS, called green a “noble way to lose money.CALPERS, California pension system for state employees, was directed to invest in “green” projects for political reasons and lost. They have been trying to cover-up their politically correct investment decisions. We get requests from pension funds asking if we can select “green” investments that they at least will break even on so they can comply with the political directive to be investing in green.

The Truckers have timing on their side. They need to break the grip that Schwab has around the throat of Canada. This protest has expanded and they need to bring the government to its knees to extricate it from this foreign enemy. Trudeau’s support is minimal and even his own party is starting to crack. Trudeau is weak and he is a fool. He has listened to Schwab who could care less about his future. All that matters to Schwab is to force his economic theories upon the entire world.

This is NOT merely a battle against Trudeau. He takes his orders from the WEF as does Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. This is a battle for the freedom of the people. Those who support people like Biden and Trudeau are clueless for they are the sheep who refuse to open their eyes to the fact that this is a serious international plot to FORCE by undemocratic means, the economic philosophy of one very sick man with visions of Marxist grandeur. This is no conspiracy theory. Just listen to the words coming from Schwab and his WEF organization. This is the best-organized plot to take over the world far beyond anything ever played out in a James Bond movie.

This is the very same strategy that was used to create the Euro. Helmut Kohl knew the people would never vote for joining the Euro. Germans have been reluctant ever since the hyperinflation of 1923 concerning monetary policy no less handing it to Brussels. The collapse of the Euro is inevitable probably by 2026/2027. This is precisely the same strategy that these world leaders are trying to impose Schwab’s 2030 agenda without EVER allowing the people to vote or understand even that there is such an agenda. They call it a conspiracy theory so people remain blind to this very design and strategy they used to create the Euro.

Any journalist that claims this is a conspiracy theory, is really a closet Marxist. They have no respect for our future, human rights, or anything that makes life worth living. We were born with inalienable rights, not to be economic slaves to a central power. Such journalists are traitors to even the Constitution of the United States that was to secure our freedom and the pursuit of happiness, not enslavement. LIBERTY cannot coexist with material equality. They are direct opposites of each other. My family has fought in every war since the American Revolution for LIBERTY. This is a plot to enslave us to the deranged economic theories of one man who has been exceptionally clever to indoctrinate the world. I have looked into the eyes of Schwab face to face. That is not what most of these commentators can say.