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Will Canada Ditch Trudeau to Save the Nation from WEF?

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Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier is a Canadian businessman, lawyer, and politician who served as a cabinet minister of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and as Member of Parliament for Beauce from 2006 to 2019. He is the founder and current leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). His platform is still within the current establishment of how to run a government. The PPC would eliminate the deficit by the end of a first mandate, by phasing out all pandemic spending programs, cutting corporate welfare, cutting $5 billion in foreign development aid, defunding the CBC to save $1 billion, and cutting equalization payments as well as funding for programs that fall within the responsibilities of provinces or cities.

On taxation, he proposes to cut personal income taxes, corporate taxes. and the personal capital gains tax.

He wants to eliminate all multiculturalism funding and promote the integration of immigrants into Canadian society since there are already there. He would lower the total number of immigrants and refugees Canada accepts each year and accept a larger proportion of economic immigrants. The PPC would limit the number of immigrants accepted under the family reunification program. He also wants to fund police for background checks on immigrants. He also wants would-be immigrants to answer questions about “Canadian values and societal norms” in a face-to-face interview. OMG! The thought of actually screening an immigrant in person? This makes Trudeau’s buddies crazy. George Soros’s head spins counterclockwise and Klaus Schwabs spin clockwise. This would defeat their idea of the United Nation ruling the world and the elimination of borders.

Trudo Greta

The PPC wants to listen to scientists not 16-year-old girls for advice. The PPC believes there are “uncertainties over the scientific basis of global warming” and there is no reason for government interventions. After all, the UN would not allow any scientific opposition to speak at its conferences because climate change is the tool by which they are arguing that we need a one-world government to fight human activities on a global scale to save the planet. No single government can do this job, Everyone must surrender to the UN.



The PPC would withdraw from the Paris agreement and abandon “unrealistic” greenhouse gas emissions-reduction targets. Because of this, you can bet the international Deep State will be actively trying to defeat the PPC as they worked diligently to remove Trump. They gave us Biden. In a recent conversation with someone that runs a breakfast spot, the people would be complaining about everything Trump ever said or did. Now they are dead silent about Biden. The PPC would actually save Canada for a Trudeau victory will raise the stakes for Alberta to separate or die.

The PPC wants to go after BigTech which has been in cahoots with Trudeau who has sought to use regulation to curtail free expression on the internet. They also want to restore normalcy by repealing legislation adding gender identity to prohibited grounds of discrimination, and repeal a non-binding motion condemning Islamophobia. He wants to refine the vague definition of hate speech in the Criminal Code to explicitly advocating the use of force against identifiable groups or individuals based on protected criteria.

Then the PPC wants to approach COVID-19 rationally and scientifically, protecting the most vulnerable while rejecting “coercion and discrimination.” Historically, you quarantine the sick. When you restrict the entire population that is called tyranny. NEVER before in history has any such pandemic been politically used for political objectives that have nothing to do with the disease. Vaccines will ONLY eradicate a disease when it is like smallpox that was confined to humans. We cannot cure influenza or any coronavirus because it also exists in animals and will always mutate. One year we will have the bid flu and the next the swine flu. The ONLY way to cure COVID is to expel politics from health.

Trudeau Schwab

Canada is being controlled by the international foreign agenda. If the people really want to save their country, they better overthrow Trudeau.