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Trudeau was Afraid to Get off the Bus

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We are winning. The elections in September around the world are going to be critical. It would be so fantastic if Canadians stopped voting for these small parties and ban together to overthrow Trudeau once and for all. Overthrowing these politicians who have lined their pockets against the people and the future of their own countries, will be a major signal to this Gates-Schwab-Soros leadership behind the Great Reset.

Trudeau has been dropping like a stone in the polls but the Canadian Press is desperately pulling the same stunt the US press did against Trump and what they did against BREXIT. The two major parties are both on board with the tyranny and COVID oppression. A new party is rising and if the Canadians want to get their country back, they need to boot Trudeau out. Otherwise, we will see the separatist movement rise and we may even see the province of BC split joining Alberta.