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Trudeau Throws C$100 Million at Woke Agenda

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As Canadians grapple with inflation, most taxpayers are eager to spend money on 2SLGBT programs and awareness. Well, at least that is what the Trudeau Administration falsely believes. The government has budgeted C$100 million for 2SLGBT initiatives. Sadly, they have the power to spend this money recklessly without the taxpayers’ consent.

I had to look up 2S since the acronym continues to grow by the day. The first search result in Google is from a website intended for Canadian children to understand the infinite amount of genders:

“Two-Spirit (or 2 Spirit or 2S): an important term within some Indigenous cultures and for some Indigenous people, meaning a person with both a feminine and a masculine spirit living in the same body. This is often used to describe sexual orientation, gender identity and/or spiritual identity.”

It is a shame that this is what children are learning in classrooms. So where in the WTF is this money going? Apparently, 75% will go toward diversity and inclusion, “where the real work of support comes from,” Trudeau said. That is a very broad way to say they plan to use the money however they see fit. Around C$5 million will go toward a public awareness campaign, and an additional will C$7.7 will be spent on data collection and research.

People can live life however they see fit. I do not care what you do behind closed doors. However, the taxpayer should not need to foot the bill for this alternative lifestyle. This plan will only cause people to feel a divide between traditional vs alternative lifestyles. Even many with alternative lifestyles see that this woke agenda has gone too far. “This will guide our ongoing work to fight discrimination, break down barriers, to advance rights, and to build a future where everyone in Canada is truly free to be who they are and love whom they love,” Trudeau said. Love thy neighbor for free and not at the cost of C$100 million.