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Trudeau has Instituted Hitler-Type Powers Over Capital

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Jitler Trudeau

While anyone who dares to compare Trudeau to Hitler is criticized because they ONLY equate Hitler with the Holocaust – nothing can be further than the truth. Hitler also made it illegal to have a bank account outside of Germany, which many people did because of the Hyperinflation 10 years before he came to power in 1933. But what is always overshadowed by the Holocaust is the fact that Hitler’s financial dictatorship is why Switzerland created the secret numbered accounts to protect Germans fleeing from Hitler. Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister admitted, under the Emergencies Act, banks can immediately freeze or suspend bank accounts without a court order and be protected from civil liability. This has undermined Canada in the eyes of international capital.

Trudeau Schwab

All the Canadian banks went offline together. That was no coincidence. Trudeau has invoked his Emergence Act and is in fact taking the very same tactic that Hitler did which targeted the Jews, but Trudeau is targeting anyone who disagrees with his policies proving to the world, Canada is not to be trusted.



Trudeau has his back up against a wall. He was to deliver the example for the United States to assist Schwab’s Great Reset. Trudeau is a graduate of Schwab’s Young Global Leaders and he has taken an abusive approach to run Canada on directions from his supreme leader – we might as well be honest and give Schwab a title he has aspired to. Schwab has bragged how he has penetrated Canada and has most of his people in Trudeau’s cabinet. Why should people trust Canada? You are not entitled to any trial or proof of your connection to the truckers. Just donating money to them can render you a white supremacist in the eye of Trudeau.

Trudeau can simply now say freeze that account and there is no due process of law whatsoever. This undermines every possible foundation of trust and this is what sent capital fleeing from Germany and the birth of the secrecy laws of Switzerland. We need not compare Trudeau to Hitler for things like the Holocaust, but the very financial actions of Hitler are being directed, and that most likely comes from the World Economic Forum. Trudeau is a complete fool and he has betrayed every principle of a free society all to push this authoritarian system by the World Economic Forum.



There is absolutely NO WAY that the Canadian Banks all went down simultaneously. Trudeau can now order the banks to do as he commands and this is what is very similar to Hitler. They cannot disobey. What does that do to the confidence in Canada as a nation? This undermines the confidence in Canada as even a safe haven in the face of a European war. No bank has dared to try to explain the source of the outrage. If this was non-related to Trudeau, then all Canadian sites would have gone down – not just the banks.