The Real Politics Behind Ukraine & Taiwan

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We face a clear and present danger from various heads of state who are seeking to promote the cancel-culture to suppress any opposition to alter our future and that of our posterity. Schwab with his admiration for Lenin and his Young Global Leaders is pushing his communist ideas upon the world and that includes Trudeau. This means that the democratic principles and division of power of the 20th century have been completely undermined and replaced by the economic theories of Schwab for which he is openly very proud.



Schwab is proud that he not only controls Canada, but also New Zealand in addition to Europe. Both heads of those countries are also graduates of Schwab Young Global Leaders. Schwab brags about this accomplishment. He is not allowing the people to vote on his dream, he is indoctrinating heads of state to impose his agenda by sheer authoritarian force.



Schwab has even influenced Australia. We can see that the most authoritarian regimes oppressing individual rights are all connected to Schwab. This is a serious threat to the future of civilization. Schwab has succeeded in convincing people to join his agenda always portraying this as fairness and equality for all the same as Marx and Lenin.

In the United States, he has infiltrated the White House to the point that Biden even named his bill – Bill Back Better Act which was a slogan launched by the World Economic Forum. Pete Buttigieg is Biden’s director of transportation who is also a Schwab authoritarian graduate of his Young Global Leaders. Buttigieg has proposed to install nationwide speeding cameras and then the fines will be as they are in Europe, based upon your income. This is all about destroying American freedom.

Curiously, we have the World Health Organization claiming that 3,400 people die in traffic crashes every day, which amounts to around 1.25 million deaths globally each year. The head of the WHO is not a doctor and was recommended by Schwab for the position. The solution is huge fines. linked to salary. Finland adopted the system calculated on the offender’s daily disposable income – generally their daily salary divided by two. The more a driver is over the speed limit, the greater the number of day fines they will receive. In 2002, Anssi Vanjoki, a former Nokia director, was ordered to pay a fine of 116,000 euros ($103,600) after being caught driving 75km/h in a 50km/h zone on his motorbike. When I lived in Switzerland, the cameras in Zurich would send you a fine for even 1k over the limit.

As I have explained, Schwab and his supporters’ view that Communism would have worked had they controlled the entire world. Schwab has succeeded in capturing Europe and he has also the Vatican in his grasp for Pope Francis is a Communist at heart whose election some fear was rigged. Pope Francis was influenced by Archbishop Hélder Pessoa Câmara (1909–1999) of the Brazilian Catholic Church, who was a self-proclaimed Marxist. Because South America has been inherently socialist and the Catholic Church there has followed the Catacomb Pact, his dream of installing Marxist upon the entire world he believes is now possible. Schwab invited Câmara to peak at Davos and he has admitted he was influenced by his theory which was part of the Catacomb Pact. Schwab has thus also enlisted Pope Francis who is also preaching his Great Reset – not salvation of the soul or religion – just raw Marxism.


Soros Calls for the Overthrow of Xi Jinping

Now George Soros, whose son is also a Young Global Leader indoctrinated by Schwab, has released a video preaching the overthrow of the leadership of China to also join Schwab’s Great Reset. Indeed, this latest video is really bashing Xi Jinping who stands in the way of Schwab as was the case of Trump and also Putin. Thus, Soros tries to make it sound that his Open Society calls for the overthrow of Xi Jinping after a brief introduction to try to make it sound that he stands for human rights. We cannot judge Soros by his words – only by his deeds.

Soros has pointed out, probably relying on our model that 2022 is a Panic Cycle Year in politics, that this is an opportunity for China to overthrow Xi Jinping who is also up for a political new term here in 2022. Soros is pretending that he stands for his Open Society and against authoritarian regimes yet at the same time he has been trying to destabilize the United States by funding the racial separation and supporting the movement of defunding the police. We have witnessed robbing trains of packages from Amazon, UPS, and FedEx in addition to closing stores because of organized shoplifting that has become a gang operation both in California and New York City. Three guys stole $385,000 and simply walked out the door. This is INCONSISTENT with Soros’ own pretended concern for society about individual rights.

Soros ONLY supports leftist agendas. He has been against all Republicans or any conservative ideas whatsoever. Back in 2003/2004 he argued that “election transcend[ed] party loyalties” as he tried to support only Democrats and convince Republicans to vote for the Clintons. Soros’ Open Society is only advanced by the left and not by the Republican Party. He opposed all Republicans – not just Trump. In fact, Soros portrayed Bush as a supremacist who put the United States first, as did Trump. Soros wrote:

“The supremacist ideology of the Bush Administration stands in opposition to the principles of an open society, which recognize that people have different views and that nobody is in possession of the ultimate truth.”

Clearly, this was just political rhetoric for if the Republicans did not possess the “ultimate truth” then why do Democrats or his Open Society? Soros also made the statement that applies to himself: “President Bush has shown that he is incapable of recognizing his mistakes.” He even went further stating that Bush was “deceiving himself and deliberately deceiving the public.” I supposed Biden and Clinton never deceived the public. To say that about Bush merely raises the question of whether he is accusing Bush of what he himself is doing? The very same dogma was resurrected about Trump.

Soros became even more explicit about the Republican Party when he said that the “Republican Party has been captured by a bunch of extremists”. So, here again, it can be said that the Republican Party doesn’t seem to fit Soros’s very own Open-Society blueprint.

The Chinese political reform of 1982 made it very clear that leadership should not be for life:

‘[T]he system of lifetime rule for the main positions of state leadership is a relic of feudalist society, and makes it easy to form a cult of personality. It does not benefit the promotion of democracy, and will lead to the emergence of undesirable phenomena such as conservatism, stagnation and cronyism.’

To achieve the goal of global domination of Schwab’s economic theories, he needs to remove both Putin and Xi Jinping as was accomplished with Trump. Soros has taken the position against Xi to be reappointed even for another term. All of this is to create a sweeping political where Schwab’s economic theories of communism eliminate any right of the people to vote on their own future as he cleverly has accomplished in the EU.

Our Computer has dubbed 2022 as a Panic Cycle in politics. I realize that not just all the intelligence agencies tune in to our forecasts, but I have gone head-to-head against Soros many times in the markets. Besides the November US mid-term elections that are vital to stop this infiltration of the United States by Schwab’s agenda 2030, we also have elections that are critical in Australia and France. Add to this the end of the term for Xi Jinping. This is a global battle and it is to the death. They need to overthrow Xi Jinping and they are using Ukraine to try to do the same to Putin.

The entire nonsense of Ukraine is really about shutting down Nord Stream to stop the flow of gas from Russia to Germany and to accomplish that they needed to install the Climate Change supporting government in Germany which they achieved. The German election was devasting for Europe in addition to Germany.

They have now even positioned Jeniffer Morgan, head of Greenpeace, as Secretary of State in Germany. Ukraine is just a pawn in this Greek Tragedy. They are praying for Putin to invade Ukraine so they can end NORD STREAM which is why the West has abandoned Ukraine. This is the attack upon Russia in a desperate attempt to overthrow Putin. This is the real agenda for 2022 and it is why our computer has been projecting 2022 as a Panic Cycle in Politics.

May God have mercy upon the soul of civilization.