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Evangeline Lilly Speaks Out Against Trudeau

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Evangeline Lilly, who is Canadian, has come out and urged Justin Trudeau to speak with protesting Canadian truckers. She has impressed me in her address where she expressed her thoughts directly at Trudeau in a video shared on Bridge City News’ Instagram account.

“I want to speak to you today about your current approach to and current treatment of our fellow Canadians who are protesting your federal vaccine mandates,” the actress said in the video. “They have asked to meet with you, prime minister, medical experts, top scientists, doctors, nurses, parents, grandparents, intelligent, loving, concerned citizens.”

I am so glad to see that she is articulate and not a blind follower. Her words are very profound and the mere fact that she was compelled to speak out speaks volumes. What people must know is that Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have all the same agenda, and this ties back to Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Trudeau has dug in his heels mainly because if he yields, then so will Australia and New Zealand and Schwab’s dream of imposing his economic theories upon the entire world will begin to collapse.

Let me make it very clear. I do not see Schwab as evil. He truly believes that his ideas are correct. My problem is that there is a long historical track record of these attempts to create societies based upon material equality. They have ALWAYS failed and he has been able to indoctrinate his Young Global Leaders to believe that his way is the right way. They cannot see that to achieve material equality means we must surrender our human individuality. Some people are the creators and others are content to be followers. We earn based upon our skillset and on that score, we are not all equal stamped from some cookie cutter.

I have never met Evangeline Lilly. But obviously, I would be able to have a far more intelligent discussion with her than I could ever have with any of Schwab’s Young Global Leaders.