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Canada Waives Vaccine Requirement for Ukrainian Refugees

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Canadians have been brutalized by vaccine mandates, unable to leave their own country unless they comply. Prime Minister Young Global Leader Trudeau just waived all restrictions for Ukrainian refugees. Under the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET), Ukrainians “are exempt from Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination entry requirements.” Refugees may be subject to tests and quarantines, but they are not required to receive the COVID vaccine to travel about the country freely.

If the mandates were about health, Trudeau would ensure that all incoming refugees received vaccines, as his government has stockpiled more than they can distribute. This is also a strategic way for those who were forcibly vaccinated or unvaccinated and battling with restrictions to hold resentment toward the incoming residents. Resentment and anger will build when taxpayers have fewer human rights than the refugees they are paying to save.

Trudeau refuses to accept refugees from other war-torn countries. He will not allow his own people to leave unless they are vaccinated or willing to take numerous steps to flee their homes. This elected man is a hypocritical liar, and hopefully, more people can see through this transparent man who is nothing more than a puppet for Schwab’s Great Reset.