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Canada Proposing to Imprison anyone who Argues Against the Government & Bill Gates?

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Canada is showing just how ruthless the left can be. They are proposing to create criminal/civil prosecutions against anyone who disagrees with the government and Bill Gates. If you dare question the lockdown, they will throw you in prison? The left always turns Stalinistic. No matter what country, the left will always attack dissent and suppress all liberty and freedom along with human rights. They intend to classify “misinformation” as anything that disagrees with their political position.

New World

Once upon a time, people risked their lives to flee Europe and seek freedom in the New World. That was a freedom of religion, political, and the right to own your own land wherein Britain it was long-lease. The tyranny which the Europeans fled has reemerged in what was to be the New World. The problem we now have is very clear – there is no other place to flee. Mars is not quite ready and even there the left will rear its head and seek to suppress those for its own personal gain. The left will never be satisfied for they are always seeking to take from others to make their own lives better. The only difference between a thief and the left is the control of the government to oppress others.