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British Columbia Blocking Your Right to Vote is Not Vaccinated

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BC Vaccine 8 23 21

Starting September 13, 2021, proof of vaccination will be required in B.C. for people attending certain social and recreational settings and events. Clearly, this is a strategic manipulation and interference with the national election to prevent people who would be against Trudeau from voting on September 20th. This is an example of how corrupt the Canadian government has become. One has to wonder when the people are going to rise up and start dragging these politicians to the streets as the Romans used to do when face with such blatant corruption.

Franklin Liberty

There are no words to describe how these “elected” officials are engaging in destroying our free societies counting on the mindless sheep to tremble in fear of COVID and surrender their entire future for a disease that is no worse than the flu. Members of my family had COVID in New Jersey. Yes, it was like the bad flu. But it passed in about one week.

I am sure they will not have mail-in ballots for everyone on time. Any Canadian who votes for Trudeau indeed will get what they deserve.