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Biden Keeps Border Closed with Canada but not Mexico?

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While there are many who fear Biden’s mental capacity, my greatest concern is who is really running the nation? Under Bush, Jr., the president was Dick Cheney, and thank God the Republicans ousted  Liz Cheney. The way politics has evolved, those in charge are never seen. It’s like the European Commission hiding in the shadows but pulling the strings.



Biden is keeping the Canadian border closed while keeping the Mexican border open. The scuttlebutt I get from Washington is to allow the Mexicans to flood the Southern Republican states to further their Socialist takeover of the country and plan to allow illegal aliens to vote, which they assume will be for Democrats.

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Additionally, Trudeau is the puppet of the World Economic Forum, and he endorses everything Schwab says. Canada, they hope, will become the poster-child for the Great Reset that the Democrats will point to in 2022. So crushing the Canadian economy may have greater importance than what Trudeau is doing to his own people.