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Alberta to Repeal COVID Restrictions

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Premier Jason Kenney announced that Alberta will lift all COVID measures amid the ongoing protests. Kenney is far from empathizing with the protestors. Instead, he is demanding that the protests come to an immediate stop, which was the ultimate goal of the Freedom Convoy. “No responsible government makes policy by negotiating with people engaged in such unlawful conduct. Period. Full stop,” Kenney said. “We fully expect our law enforcement agencies to restore and maintain public safety and law and order.” This is exactly what the truckers have been requesting. Pass the message along to the prime minister.

Kenney will announce plans for repealing the vaccine passport next week. “My message to those who are frustrated about COVID-19 policies is this: I hear you loud and clear. You are right to point to the damaging impact of restrictions.” Kenney went on to say that the omicron wave was less severe than expected, and many Albertans have achieved natural immunity. COVID is finally coming to an end.