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Alberta – Should it Join the USA or Be Independent?

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Alberta Canada

I live (and have lived) in Alberta for a long time. The WEXIT (Alberta separatism movement) is alive and well here and so this is something to be considered for your blog.
So, Alberta part of the US and way from Justin Trudeau?? Personally I would fight this as it is a bad deal for Alberta (given US deficits and the tiny representation in the US Congress). But it is a good deal for the US as noted in the article in the Calgary Sun as noted above.
What do you and Socrates think about this entire subject?
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ANSWER: That is an interesting question filled with political hurdles. First, Canada would demand you to accept part of their debt. Then to join the United States, forget the deficits since all countries have that. The question would be how about Social Security etc.

I would recommend simply separatism and independence. Joining any other government you will surrender your freedoms. As long as we have Socialism, we will never have individual freedom and Equal Protection of the law cannot exist when you treat people differently because of class. When they point to the rich, they point to Buffet, Soros, Gates, and other billionaires. The bulk of the “rich” are just small business people. The super-rich can afford to pay bribes and know how to do it. The rest of us do not stand a chance. We are exploited by not just the Socialists, but also by the corrupt billionaires who own government.

Keep your independence. Sell citizenships to raise capital. I will be one of the first in line for that.