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Is a Separatist Movement in Alberta Inevitable?

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While Alberta has been supporting Canada for decades, the rising tide of environmentalists has devastated its economy to the point that people no longer seek engineering degrees in energy or exploration. The separatist movement is rising and the coming commodity boom may push Alberta to separate when they are unable to participate in an economic boom due to regulation. The October federal election in Canada will also be critical going forward. If Trudeau retains his position, there will be little choice but to separate. It will all boil down to economics.

While the majority of Canadians do not yet support a separatist movement in Alberta, all it takes is economics to cause that change in attitude. When there is an economic boom in Toronto and the central bank raises rates to stop a speculative boom, they put farmers and miners into bankruptcy. One size does not fit all.

We are witnessing the rise of tensions around the globe and the US elections will lead to the same result regardless of who wins the White House in 2020. Neither side will accept a loss this time around.