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WEF Encourages Eating Expired Food                  

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Schwab is a rotten man. The World Economic Forum has convinced the UK to remove “best before” dates from food products in an effort to “conserve food waste.” In reality, these sick individuals do not care about human health and need a way to avert attention away from the coming food shortages brought on by their zero-emissions pipe dream.

The UK is set to remove “best before” and labels from around 500 products. When was the food shipped or packaged? It will be up to the consumer to use their best judgment. There are also plans to remove hundreds of “use by” dates on products. “Best buy” indicates the quality of the food, while “use by” indicates whether it is safe for consumption. The WEF insists that these dates are meaningless as it still may be safe to eat expired food. They even claim milk is the third most-wasted product in the UK, which is extremely dangerous to drink if expired.

Expiration dates first appeared in stores post-World War II as large consumer chain markets rose in popularity. Before then, you could talk to the sellers at mom-and-pop shops, and they tended to their products and clients. Perhaps you’d buy directly from the grower, depending on where you lived. You cannot ask an associate at Publix where, say, an apple came from and expect an accurate answer. Food arrives by truckloads now and often is imported from overseas.

So, the WEF would like us to eat bugs and expired foods. Rest assured that the elite will be eating the best, riding in their fossil-fueled powered and heated jets and yachts, and laughing as the rest of us suffer. Governments seem to be on board as they also do not want to admit failure via food shortages.