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The New Brexit Party in Britain May Be Underestimated

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Nigel Farage led the Ukip party to victory in the last EU elections in 2014. They won 24 MEPs and brough BREXIT to the forefront, however, Nigel split from Ukip when it turned a hard right. Seven MPs have followed Nigel and switched to the newly-formed Brexit Party after PM Theresa May refused to listen and turned to the Labour Party to try to keep her deal on the table. This new party was just formed in April and it is seeking to simply exit the EU as the people previously voted.

The Brexit Party is a Eurosceptic, pro-Brexit, political party in the UK. As of April 2019, the party’s representation consists of nine members of the European Parliament, all of whom were originally elected as UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidates. Nigel Farage has announced he would stand as a candidate for the party in any future European Parliament elections in the event the UK has not already left the European Union. The last straw was simply when Prime Minister Theresa May asked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for Brexit talks in a bid to reach a compromise on her deal to trump her own party.

The French President Emmanuel Macron is looking to humiliate Britain by demanding that any extension result in Britain forfeiting all rights to vote in the EU. He has also come out and declared that BREXIT could damage Anglo-French relations for years if he forces Britain out of the European Union against the wishes of Parliament.

British GDP Growth since 1949 1024x780

The political chaos in Europe is just off the charts as we head into May. This is seriously altering the capital flows by sending capital fleeing the EU by the billions. We have shown this chart before. This was compiled using the British government’s own statistics. Britain entered a protracted economic decline after it joined the EU. It makes no economic sense to remain.