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Nigel Farage – Running to Save Britain

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As everyone knows, Nigel Farage. I have NEVER endorsed anyone for political office. Nigel is fighting for freedom. They even debanked him. He is not one of those do-nothing guys. We need people like Nigel who are willing to take the high road in the dark days ahead. Nigel at least had his eyes open, and his ears were always willing to listen.

What is important to Americans is that Britain is really just a vassal state of Washington. They do whatever the American Neocons tell them. We need Britain to resistance this nonsense to reduce the volatility and amplitude of what unfolds between now and 2032.

Please download the I’m a Celeb app and use your 5 free votes for Nigel every night throughout the eliminations.

You can download the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores.

You can also call 09020 44 24 09 from a landline and 6 44 24 09 from a mobile. Votes cost 50p plus any network access charge.