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May Could be Asked to Resign by June

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Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May could be forced to leave Downing Street by late June if she does not deliver a Brexit deal. Conservative Party sources are letting it be known that unless it becomes clear by the end of May that her plan stands a chance of being approved, she may be compelled to leave for the good of the country. They have already voted against changing the party rules that would allow another no-confidence vote this summer ahead of December.

PM May survived a no-confidence vote last December. However, they may change those rules if she fails again in May. Downing Street has set June 30 as its new deadline for a Brexit deal in the Commons. She could remove the divisive border clause in the hope MPs vote for it and send a new message to Brussels that it must be axed or changed if Britain is to leave the EU. Why she seems to prefer sacrificing her own country to the demands of Brussels leaves many in a desperate position.

Prime Minister May has been under pressure to renegotiate with the European Union by Conservative Brexiteers. EU negotiators have insisted that the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement cannot be reopened. Many called for her resignation from angry Brexiteers after a six-month extension deal was agreed at an emergency EU council meeting in Brussels. The delay until Halloween, with a ‘review’ in June, was a compromise solution. It was France who declined an extension for Britain.