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Do We Advise Boris Johnson?

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johnson Boris in Mask

QUESTION: Marty; Do you ever advise Boris Johnson?


ANSWER: No. I have never spoken with him nor with any member of his staff that I am aware of. Perhaps some in the past. People tend to rotate around a lot in government. But to the best of my knowledge, I have never spoken with his administration. I was asked to fly over to meet with him by supporters BEFORE this COVID scheme to take over the world using fear, but that never took place.

Given his extreme actions with respect to these restrictions, I seriously doubt he would be interested in listening to me anyway. He seems to have bought this agenda because I believe the economic reality of Keynesian economics is smacking them in the face.

The central banks cannot rebuild the economy and the Bank of England hinting at negative rates demonstrates they feel they should do something, but can’t. They lack the courage to do what is really necessary. Hence, the COVID fake pandemic is being used to suppress civil rights and to try to prevent mass uprisings and protests because the Keynesian-Socialist agenda is collapsing.