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Britain Calling in Military to Enforce its COVID-19 Restrictions Without Parliament Debate

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UK Martial Law3 9 22 2020 508x1024

COMMENT: Has social media replaced civil disobedience, do people vent their spleens over a keyboard and feel that they’ve made their contribution.

When will we see politicians hanging from lampposts?
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Martial law 2
REPLY: It is clever to call anyone who disagrees with this agenda a “conspiracy theorist” so then they do not have to answer for their actions. I seriously doubt that people are truly aware that this is a major agenda and it is being put forth from so many directions with each expressing one component. I cannot stress enough that our computer has been accurately projecting what is coming. I have stated previously, I question if there will be free elections in the USA after 2024.
Martial law
Martial Law in Poland
This AGENDA is the acknowledgment that there is a Sovereign Debt Crisis and a Monetary Crisis converging which would normally bring about the fall of governments and sets the stage for war. They actually believe by using this virus as the excuse to justify eliminating human rights and adopt an authoritarian style government under the pretense of protecting you, they will succeed. It is inevitable that such types of governments ALWAYS crash and burn.
Wroclaw Poland Monument to the Anonymous Passerby martial law in Communist Poland

This is the Wroclaw Poland Monument to the Anonymous Passerby. This is a striking public sculpture installed on street representing the period of martial law in Communist Poland. The Wroclaw  Monument honoring the anonymous passerby who fell under the ground. People who were living at the time of martial law, know that it is real. Underground was a place where a part of the Polish nation came into being December 13, 1981. Wroclaw took part in the anti-communist activity. This represents our hope, that the dissent which is being forced underground, will one day rise up as history dictates such oppression always fails.

This AGENDA is being carried out from many fronts. Its goal is to cover-up the default on government debt which has become unsustainable with nations surrendering their sovereignty to the United States. Part of that agenda is to suppress free speech and to regulate social media to ONLY present the United Nations glory. We already have that taking place with YouTube and Facebook supporting this one-world agenda removing any post that challenges the US Agenda.

Facebook Restrict Politics


Already we see how YouTube and Facebook are supporting this global agenda. Gates’ plan to eliminate cash and force all transactions into digital is designed to give these companies a piece of every transaction in the world. Bill Gates is already working with Mastercard.

AGRA Report

AGRA Watch Report_ _The Man Behind the Curtain

Gates has become his own SUPERPOWER which extends far beyond just vaccines. As revealed in the AGRA Watch report, “The Man Behind the Curtain: The Gates Foundation’s Influence on the UN Food Systems Summit,” published August 2020, Bill Gates actually has vast power also over the food supply. His influence over global food and agriculture policy is conducted through his funding of numerous organizations that are involved in agricultural development. Gates is controlling food policy and he is using many companies and organizations that can then do his bidding to hide his global reach.


Gates not only controls the United Nation’s World Health Organization which has been instrumental in using CFOVID-19 to crush the world economy, but he also controls the United Nations Climate Change policy, recommendations to eliminate currencies, and food supply.

But to point any of this out you are labeled a “conspiracy theorist” to discredit whatever you say without having to ever address the facts.