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BREXIT Should Win if the Turnout is Huge & Gov’t Can’t Rig the Vote

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QUESTION: You computer say BREXIT will win?

ANSWER: Yes. Once the Economic Confidence Model cycle peaked on October 1st, 2015 (2015.75), politics is now in a phase of complete disintegration. What seemed impossible is now possible.

Look, Cameron will try to rig the vote as was done in the Scottish election. However, we are showing that this turnout will exceed 65%. If that proves to be correct, then BREXIT will win. There will be too great a gap for Cameron to fill.

Keep in mind that Margaret Thatcher saved Britain from the Euro. She was betrayed by her own cabinet, forced out of government, and then they took Britain into the ERM. When the pound was attacked and forced out of the ERM, Britain was really saved a second time from the Euro. Nevertheless, Cameron is still a member of that same treasonous group who chased Maggie out of power and is so eager to hand sovereignty to Brussels. I lived in London for many years. I felt a strong kinship with Britain. It would pain me deeply to see its sovereignty surrendered to Brussels.