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Brexit Day Has Arrived!

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Brexit 50p Coin 1024x550

Welcome to Brexit Day! The British Mint is issuing a new 50 pence coin to mark leaving the EU at last. High-profile figures are already pledging to boycott the new coin. Alastair Campbell will boycott the coin because the slogan opposes his core beliefs. Philip Pullman will as well because, he says, it is missing an Oxford comma. These two people reflect the decline and fall of democracy. They simply refuse to accept the majority vote.

Of course, those who were in the “Remain” camp used every foul label they could find in the Oxford dictionary to desperately dehumanize those who voted to leave. The main label that stuck was to call them “racists” when the immigrants pouring from Merkel’s fatal mistake were claiming to be Muslim, which is a religion and not a race.


The “Remain” camp was even striking their own coins and selling them on eBay. These show the Queen holding her head when in fact the behind-the-curtain view was that she very much agreed with getting out of the EU.

BRXEIT May Gives Up

Theresa May was a career politician who personally wanted to REMAIN. She negotiated half-heartedly and that was reflected in her abysmal management of the government.

British GDP Growth since 1949 1024x780


The most interesting aspect to demonstrate just how corrupt the politicians were in Britain who kept arguing to REMAIN was the fact that they were supporting their personal power and careers. All someone had to do was chart the government’s own statistics that proved Britain’s economic growth has declined ever since Britain joined the EU back in 1973. The continental Europeans in government have always resented the British, for without them they would be speaking German today. That has always left a resentful taste in their mouths. It’s kind of like how they say the best way to get rid of a friend is to lend them money.

2 pound Waterloo

25 Euro Belgium Waterloo 1024x644

There will always be that resentment toward Britain. The French demanded that no EU member should issue coins that commemorated the defeat of Napoleon. There was a commemorative issue of coins, but they were not allowed to circulate pursuant to the demand of the French to join the euro. Resentments linger in Europe and always will. It is ingrained within the culture of so many hundreds of years of conflicts and war. The creation of the euro will never change history.