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The Battle Over the Virus is Unsettling World Peace

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The demand to investigate and blame China is really not entirely justified. China did not order the lockdown on a global scale. It seems like blaming China for the massive loss of jobs is like blaming the dog for eating your homework. The problem is that there should be an investigation, but who is qualified to carry it out? Certainly not the agency of any government. We cannot even trust the United Nations.

How about we form an international committee with ZERO links to Bill Gates or the health organizations he manipulates with donations. It MUST include China and it MUST include NON-POLITICAL members.

It is clearly not some deliberate attack on China’s part. If they were really trying to do that, they would have slipped it on a plane and started it somewhere else. There are conspiracy theories that the US military planted it there, which is also unlikely. Then there are those who look at who is profiting from the virus and staged practice sessions a few months before. All fingers point to Bill Gates. That conspiracy group believes Bill Gates released it in China since he is the ONLY one who is profiting from this and is all over the world, demanding we remain locked down until he has his vaccine.

My recommendation to China is to propose a joint investigation that is trustworthy. I strongly advise that China also cut off all funding to the World Health Organization and ban all health organizations that have any link to Bill Gates until a full review is provided by a non-corrupted panel.