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News from Sydney, Australia & Canada

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Sydney Australia

COMMENT: Marty this a part of their plan right? Divide and conquer. What did this maniac expect Australia to do. Shoot the sick and burn their bodies?
Can this get any more surreal?

I live in Sydney and I can tell you the city is stuffed. Businesses are going belly uplift right and centre, theres vacant shops everywhere and yet real estate prices are still exploding.
Are they driving everyone into debt to buy property etc and then going to crash real estate to bankrupt as many as they can?
Reverse mortgages are also exploding. Many of my friends are using the equity in their homes to give to their kids toward house purchases, which is only contributing to the rise in prices.
I have told them all to NOT get caught up in it, however, they won’t listen. And many are really(or so I thought) intelligent people.
I only see this ending badly.


Sydney Riots 8 20 21

REPLY: The Australian police are trying to match the Stasi of East Germany for the title of the most anti-human rights police force in the world. The abuse they are unleashing against Australians is astonishing. They will clearly graduate to simply killing citizens without blinking an eye. That is the historical path they have taken. There is little doubt that this violence will escalate as the police gun-down citizens and we should expect that people will start shooting the police for they no longer protect the public, but politicians who have abandoned any pretense of a free democratically elected government. The politicians think they are untouchable since the next election in New South Wales will be held on March 25, 2023. There is no way they can maintain this tyranny that long without serious bloodshed.

Sadly, they are deliberately destroying small businesses, Marx’s bourgeoisie, and this is all intended to save the planet because, in their view, we, the Great Unwashed, are nothing more than the fleas on a dog that needs to be shaken off. My personal sadness is that I do not believe I will ever see Australia or Europe again. The only places that may be open for travel will be Russia and Asia, at least before any war.

Trudeau Schwab

In Canada, Trudeau is a manipulated puppet of Klaus Schwab. This is all for climate change and creating Schwab’s Great Reset. It is just amazing how Trudeau is banning all travel unless you are vaccinated. What is the impact of these vaccines that it has become so imperative for something the CDC has even dropped reporting the flu separately coming it all with COVID because it is just a respiratory virus that always takes out the elderly and vulnerable. There is ABSOLUTELY no case where anyone has died from COVID by itself! There are always other complications.

Trudo Greta

Trudeau has taken advice from a 16-year-old. And all of this for climate change, which they wrongly blame on humanity, may in fact lead to massive starvation and a sharp decline in population. As I have warned, the ocean current dictates if Europe is frozen or livable. The Atlantic Ocean’s circulation has clearly slowed by about 15% since the 1940s. This will continue to slow, and then the cycle in the Beaufort Gyre reverses after 17.2 years, then we are looking at a potential bout with the threat of an ice age — not global warming.

When the Beaufort Gyre cycle reverses, combined with the slowing of the Gulf Stream current, this will bring much colder winters and hotter summers, especially in Europe. It will also change the rainfall patterns in the tropics, and warmer water building up along the US coast can then fuel destructive storms as hurricanes gain power in warm water. The changes in the North Atlantic will cut off shipping lanes, and coastal ice jams will disrupt navigation, meaning the imported food supplies will be threatened.

Now, since these people do follow Socrates and have done so for many years, in addition to others talking about the slowing of the Gulf Stream, I cannot believe that they are ignorant of this tremendous risk. I suspect that they may be counting on this while blaming fossil fuels and CO2 when this may be their diabolical plan to depopulate the world. They are already funding studies to claim that you should not have children because of COVID. I have reported that a couple in Philadelphia was told to have an abortion because the wife had COVID, and it would “probably” result in some deformity. They are deliberately locking down people to isolate them, which will also have a reduction in births with no contact among the youth. Meanwhile, starvation is already beginning in North Korea, and that is a warning that the North could be pushed into a corner where it has no choice but to invade the South, knowing Biden would be unable to respond other than in words.