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Fauci Preaching Total World Control is Necessary

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Gates Fauci8

Fauci is now pushing Bill Gates’ agenda that the ENTIRE WORLD must be vaccinated against a virus that is no more deadly than the flu. Yet, the vaccines have unknown problems. What will messing with our DNA do to future generations? The conflict of interest is overwhelming when Fauci is at least responsible for this outbreak and is in cahoots with not only Bill Gates but does videos for Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, touting that inequality requires the Great Reset.


The mere fact that Fauci appears in WEF videos is very disturbing. To do so means he is in contact with the very people who are trying to change the world economy and bring capitalism to an end. My deep concern is that these same people are panicked over population growth. I do not buy the idea that the object of vaccinations is to make people healthier and live longer when the proponents simultaneously want to reduce the population.

In Australia, Fauci told the population that would be no freedom from the virus for Australia or any country that had successfully suppressed it within its own communities until the overwhelming majority of the world’s population was vaccinated against COVID-19 and its spread was controlled globally.

“As long as there’s the dynamic of virus replication somewhere, there will always be the threat of the emergence of variants which could then come back.”

“Even though most of the rest of the world is vaccinated, it can threaten the [countries] that [have] felt that they’ve controlled the virus, when they’re still quite vulnerable.

“If you want to maintain control you want to have control throughout the entire world.”

Schwabs Dream

Fauci is already preaching the agenda of Schwab and moving the United Nations to be a one-world government with taxation over the world and supreme control. They are out of their minds, but this has been the goal of the United Nations since it was established — to be the one-world government under the pretense of ending all wars.

Gates the Dark Lord

It is a coin toss as to who is the more dangerous man in our future history. Gates or Schwab?

Schwab Gates Soros

Or perhaps it is an equally shared triumvirate?