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Australia Using COVID to Impose A$4,000 Fine Per Person

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Police Queensland

In Australia, anyone traveling from Victoria, or people who have visited the state in the past 14 days, are barred from entering Queensland unless they are returning residents or have a rare exemption. They fined a group of people $24,000 for trying to enter Queensland and lying about where they had been. This is no longer a government that respects people or human rights. They are using COVID as an excuse to be draconian to the point that historically such governments have always been tyrannical.

The Queensland police are being extremely nasty fining people $4,000 if they try to enter Queensland. One must wonder at what point do such tactics invoke extreme violence? Police officers who protect the government like this are often seen as the face of tyranny. They should be very careful when a line is crossed and the people turn against the government, because that is when the police will find themselves hunted as traitors to the people.